Together We're Stronger!

Giving should be easy!  And  fun!  Now it is.

We invite you to join a dynamic and inspired group of local women who are making a meaningful impact right here in our community. Coming from The Woodlands, Tomball, Magnolia, Spring, and other Northern parts of the Greater Houston Area, our members are residents from all walks of life who recognize there is strength in numbers. 

Three times a year, we join together and turn each of our one hundred dollar individual donations into thousands of dollars for a chosen local charity. We strengthen our community by helping one local charity at a time. Together we have the ability to affect greater changes not possible on our own!

Please join us! Guests are always welcome. Come and see what the power of collective giving can do!



The concept is simple yet powerful! 100 Women x $100 + 1 Hour = $10,000.

Together we strive to bring together 100 (or more) women in the Greater North Houston area who care about local community causes and want to help. You can see the brilliant woman who started this group here.

We meet for an hour, three times per year.

Together, we select a local charity or not-for-profit organization by majority vote.

Each Member will write a $100 check (or online payment) to the selected organization and watch how the group’s commitment turns into a multi - thousand dollar donation!

  • Each Member commits to donating $100 per meeting, three times a year.

  • Meetings are diligently conducted in one hour or less.

  • Any member who has signed a Member Registration Form and who is current with her donations may nominate an organization for consideration at a meeting.

  • A representative from each of three randomly selected organizations will make a five minute presentation about the organization to the group.

  • Each member who has signed a Member Registration Form and who is current with her donations may vote (by ballot) for one of the three organizations.

  • Each member will write a check, or pay online, for $100 to the organization receiving the most votes.

  • The selected organization will receive a group donation of our collective contributions!

  • Members who did not vote for the selected organization agree to make their donation regardless.

  • Members will receive a tax receipt directly from the organization.

  • Members who are unable to attend a meeting are expected to give her check to another Member to deliver on her behalf or to pay online within two weeks.

  • Organizations under consideration must serve the North Houston area and provide individual tax receipts directly to contributing members.

  • An organization not selected at one meeting may be submitted again at a subsequent meeting.

  • A successfully awarded organization is not eligible for future consideration for 2 years but the nominating member may submit the name of another organization.

  • Ties will be decided by a re-vote.

  • The selected organization must agree not to give out member information to any third parties except for tax purposes.

  • Each meeting will open with a five minute update on how the funds donated at the previous meeting were used by the successful organization.



  • You don’t have time in your busy life to volunteer but have been wanting to help those in need, and you can commit to one hour every four months

  • You are committed to helping others in our community but are stretched for time

  • You want to be part of a powerful group of local women making an immediate, direct, and positive effect on the lives of our neighbors

  • You want 100% of your donations to go directly to local charity

  • You want to learn more about the many worthy community service programs and organizations servicing your area, right now



  • May 2021 Chapter Meeting
    Burger and Bordeaux Bistro
    May 11, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
    Burger and Bordeaux Bistro, 4900 Farm to Market Rd 1488, Conroe, TX 77384, USA