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Individual Registration and Commitment Form

With my signature I agree to the following terms as a member of 100+ Women Who Care North Houston:

        a) The information I provide below is accurate and true.

b) I pledge to participate as a member in 100+ Women Who Care North Houston with an ongoing personal commitment to contribute $300 each calendar year ($100 at each meeting, 3x a year) to local nonprofit organizations serving our community.

c) If I am unable to attend a meeting, I will either mail/deliver my check or pay online directly following the meeting.

e) If for any reason my circumstances change I will notify a member of the 100+ Women Who Care North Houston leadership team that I no longer wish to participate as a member.

f) I acknowledge that photographs and videos taken at events and meetings may include my image and may be used in promotional materials and/or on social media for 100+ Women Who Care North Houston.

Thanks for registering!


**I understand my personal contact information is strictly confidential and will not be shared or distributed to any outside third parties without my expressed consent with the exception of the awarded charity for tax receipt purposes.